Get the ‘Networked Affect’ – add £30,000 to your cause!

We recognise that times are extremely hard for charities and social enterprises. We now there’s more we can do to help. We’ve redesigned our membership to add exponential value:

GWYGA membership now includes:

  •  Dedicated customer service and free phone helpline
  • Unlimited matching to professionals to complete projects you would pay a consultant to undertake
  • Access to our trustee talent pool
  • Book meeting rooms for free through our integrated network of 150 companies (available from January 2013)
  • Attend over 30 FREE educational and networking events a year
  • A free talent management app to keep track of your GWYGA skilled volunteer projects anywhere

We have engineered this membership for exponential growth with an eye for the bigger picture. It’s designed to add £30,000 of value to your non-profit. The annual membership is just £650 annually, payable monthly.

To ensure we have the talent to meet your needs we are launching a national campaign to LEAD THE CHANGE – inspiring the biggest commitment to pro bono in British History. The campaign launches on Wednesday 17th October at Portcullis House and over 100 FTSE campaigns have pledged their support.

Here’s a letter from one of our first matches:

I have been asked me to talk to you briefly about what we achieved as a result of being linked to a professional through Give What You’re Good At, so I’ll briefly describe the position we were in when we started, and then how the person who offered her time to us, was able to help.

The Community Film Unit is a Social Enterprise set up by 4 relatively recent graduates to provide film, photography and graphic design services to the private, public and third sector. The core leadership team that founded the company come from mainly creative backgrounds – between us we have degrees in music, film, fine art and sports coaching. However this means that business and project management represented a sizeable gap in our knowledge. We have been able to sustain ourselves based on a mixture of our product (the films we make) being very good, which ensures that our clients come back to us, but any attempts to expand our business and develop new income streams were largely educated guesswork or trial and error.

Give What You’re Good At matched us with Ilse, an Operations manager with over 25 years experience working in the city, and working for Social Enterprise umbrella organisations. She was able to provide some incredibly useful insights into what we needed to do to move forward – primarily this focussed around allocating our time and responsibilities around the organisation and measuring everything we do in terms of training etc. She was perfectly happy to share the resources that she created and used when she was a senior leadership figure at Social Enterprise East of England, to efficiently run the same processes we were struggling with.

As a result, we are now far more confident in what we should be spending our time doing – the hours of our staff are spent far more efficiently, and we are much better at measuring what’s effective at moving our business forward. As a side effect of Ilse’s support and encouragement that we should measure everything we are doing, we’re also much better equipped to describe the achievements of our business so far, which has improved our grant applications. For the projects and young person’s training that we have run and completed since Ilse’s support, the feedback we have received from clients has been unanimously positive.

Jonathan Fairey, Director, Community Film Unit.

Join now. 


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