Build The 5,000 – Announcing The Worlds Largest Skilled Volunteering Event

Build the 5,000

5th December 2014

International Volunteer Day

Give What You’re Good At is proud to unveil  ‘Build The 5,000’, in partnership with 5,000 organisations (profit/ no-profit) who are working on tough social issues from Iran to El Salvador. These selected organisations will receive unlimited access to the best minds for one year to scale their efforts. Keep an eye on our blog, we are profiling one organisation each day until December 5th.

On 5th December companies from around the globe will streaming live video of their employees helping causes to millions of media outlets, customers and stakeholders.

Register your company

The event requires no organisation on your part other than to find a team happy to participate and book a room for 3 hours. We do everything else, we even provide you with a free analytics dashboard so you can see the impact and follow-on from the event. The dashboard even allows you to create internal competitions for your team.

Teams will be judged by the organisations receiving the skills and results will appear in tables by industry, turnover and staff headcount.


For-profits and non-profits alike can take part. The criteria is that you are working on a tough social problem and can demonstrate impact. There’s no fee and no travelling involved. All you need to do is be available on the 5th December for 2 hours to talk to your team, you can specify you want video producers, coders, graphic designers etc. After the 5th you will be sent an exclusive invitation download the app to your phone and you can work with your team through the app.

The Build The 5,000 website will launch shortly and you will be able to apply there.

We are incredibly grateful to our international partners for all their hard work, energy and enthusiasm. Without them, Build The 5,000 couldn’t happen across so many countries.



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