Beyond the War: Giving Hope to Afghans

British and American citizens have been haunted by mistakes made exiting Afghanistan in the 80’s. A young population, left in extreme poverty, without jobs, without hope, grew resentful toward the West; resulting in War and tragic loss of life on both sides. To avoid making this mistake again we must make efforts to rebuild Afghanistan.

It’s clear that the country needs sustainable infrastructure. Billions of western-funded programmes aimed at increasing domestic revenue have failed. The government is still almost entirely dependent on foreign donors. And Afghans lack decent jobs. The National risk and vulnerability assessment 2007/2008 study found that 90% of jobs in Afghanistan can be classified as vulnerable employment masking a 10 – 15% unemployment rate. Young people are especially vulnerable – youth unemployment is as high as 80% and underemployment (with low-quality jobs) remains prevalent.

Afghan Action, a UK based non-profit is helping the country revive its entrepreneurial spirit.  But, they have a tough job on their hands. Today, after 10 years of American occupation, the country is full of men with guns who have spent much of their lives in armed units and know nothing of normal social and economic exchange.

With a Training and Business Incubation Centre established in Kabul and a fast-growing network of partners in place, they are trying to catalyse the lives of an increasing number of Afghans to create an entrepreneurial ripple effect across the country.

Afghan Action are one of the charities being supported through Build The 5,000. Launched on International Volunteer Day 2014 (5th December 2014), Build The 5,000 aims to join the best minds with the toughest problems.

Let’s change tomorrow by working together today. Register to take part in

Facts about Afghanistan

  • 1 in six children will not live to see their 5th birthday
  • 42% of the country are aged under 14 years
  • 72% of the entire population over the age of 15 is literate
  • 36% of the population, or about 9 million people, live in absolute, extreme poverty


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