How to Make Skilled volunteering a Core Success Metric

Engaging HR through a learning and development lens is an excellent way to integrate skilled volunteering into core business functions and will be key to its expansion and success but how do you go about it? And why should you?

This month, The CIPD published a landing report, making a strong link between volunteering and skills development. They discovered a top ten list of the most common skills employees gain from volunteering:

  1. Community Awareness
  2. Confidence
  3. Coaching and Mentoring
  4. Communication
  5. Networking and Relationship Building
  6. Team Building
  7. Enhancing Professional Knowledge
  8. Self Awareness and Reinforcing Skills
  9. Workload Management
  10. Creativity
In our own work we have found the following six points to be instrumental to implementing skilled volunteering in the L&D context:

1. Ensure there’s agreement from the line manager and the employee about the development needs and put them in a SMART framework. Marketing is a big subject. Does the employee need practise in content development or data analysis?

2. Help the line manager understand how a skilled volunteering project will develop that skill and benefit his team  and put it in writing. So often line managers will prioritise other work and the skilled volunteering will get permanently sidelined.

3. Set a clear outcome for each skilled volunteering project. The result will help assess the skill progression and any skill development gaps.

4. Finding the Right Nonprofit Partners and design a project that helps the charity (either in avoided costs or building capacity). This is tricky without expert advice.

5. Take a 360 feedback approach. Ask the employee, charity and colleagues about the project. Many charities will be so grateful for the help that their views of skill development will be biased.

6. Disseminate the impact to all parties. An employee who feels they have made a difference with just their skills will likely take up another skilled volunteering project in the future.

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